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August 16, 2006



Wow, I'm going to blow your theory out of the water here, Bitter Angry Guy. (a) I am a nonsmoker.
(b) I have never been a smoker. Tried once or twice, but hated that burning-lungs feeling.
(c) I couldn't care less whether someone smokes around me or not. And I'm serious about that.
(d) I'm not the biggest fan about the smell of smoke - but only tend to notice it after the fact, when I get home from a bar and my hair smells like an ashtray or something. If I'm sitting next to a smoker and she/he is talking and smoking, I don't mind it.

So there!

Monkey Girl

I am not sure if we have different type of friends or if you and all your friends are filthy liars.
Smoking for pleasure? This does not happen until you have smoking down. Your little pink high school lungs and healthy cillia did not smoke for pleasure. You did it for the same reason everyone else does- image.


Before reading your post I had never really thought of smoking as a ban subject - you are right on that - we all have opinions of this.

Now let me react to your list:
1. I'm a non-smoker. Never smoked, tried it once and didn't like the taste.
2. The smokers I know aren't richer or brigther than the non-smokers, so... They tend to spend a lot on that habbit though.
3. I don't see the link between smoking and sex (after sex yes, but not before!) - some women are just plain more talkable & fuckable than others, smoking or not!
4. Totally agree with you on that one - must be all the huddling smokers do...
5. I agree with you on this. As a non-smoker I tolerated a smoking beau, but I know guys (non smokers) who can't stand a smoking girl.
6. I hate smoke blown at me, especially when I eat. I do like the smell of a freshly lit cig. Let's just say that I'm happy about this new law we have in Quebec about non-smoking in public places. My clothes (and me!) smell better after a night out!
8. Not sure about "going out of their way" part, but I know that the worst to complain about smoke are ex-smokers.

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