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July 17, 2006



Hi - you are awesome. Love the rants!

I've got two questions for you: (1) Is there some way to see your archives? I know I read some entries from at least a couple weeks ago, and now can't figure out how to get to them. Or am I just a moron? (2) Pretty please will you rant about fucking people who think colored rubber bands are fashionable bracelets? Nobody really gives a shit whether you care about colon cancer or breast cancer or kidney disease or whatever the hell other cause - just at least take off that cheap-assed piece of rubber. It's horrendous to see a 60-something-year-old woman dressed to the nines and wearing a freakin' Lance Armstrong yellow made-in-Taiwan piece of crap.

Or, perhaps I should be a guest writer for that one. ;)

Keep up the excellent work, man.

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